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Article Written for:  Orlando Medical News

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently took effect and this has businesses asking whether their own website and data procedures must comply with the comprehensive new data law. Several commentators have suggested that everyone who does business on the internet - including information gathering - is subject to the GDPR's broad reach and stiff fines. In one podcast, a European commentator suggested that GDPR regulators may show up on the doorsteps of American companies to perform data privacy audits; and he claimed several companies could be bankrupted by fines for non-compliance.

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 Article Written for:  Orlando Medical News
Cyber attackers understand the value of the data that is held by healthcare organizations, and as a result, healthcare organizations are quickly becoming a perfect target for cyber attackers to steal copious amounts of patient records, insurance information, billing information and account information for their monetary gain resulting in identity theft and fraud against patients and employees.

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Article Written for:  Orlando Medical News

While most healthcare facilities, group practices, physicians and medical providers have medical malpractice or professional liability insurance, many healthcare providers and professionals are unaware that those policies may include an Administrative Defense Coverage (ADC) and/or Administrative Proceedings Defense Coverage (APDC) provision, add-on or endorsement.

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Friday, 19 September 2014 00:00


Our litigation team represents individuals and businesses in a wide array of commercial disputes, such as:

  • Copyright disputes
  • Corporate, shareholder
  • Partnership issues
  • Contract disputes
  • Tax controversies
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademarks
  • Financial accounting issues
  • Real estate matters
  • and sophisticated asset recovery and defense matters

Our Litigation Philosophy

Understanding that each client has unique needs and goals, we listen carefully, assess each case individually, and discuss goals and potential outcomes. Because litigation is dynamic and often quite foreign to many clients, we work together with our clients from the outset to develop a strategic plan and continue the communication process throughout each phase to keep clients apprized of significant developments. Regular communication and assessment helps reduce the stress of unknowns. We pursue objectives with aggressive precision, but remain flexible enough to make realistic evaluations in response to the dynamic process in which cases oftentimes develop. We generally prepare cases as though they will go to trial. Although many don’t, experience has shown that thorough preparation and a willingness to go to court often leads to more positive resolutions for our clients. As with our entire practice, we rely upon experience that only comes with years of practice in the trenches, supported by modern technology, to deliver results to our clients efficiently. Although each case is unique, our ultimate goal is always the same: to reduce the burden of stress while achieving the best outcome for each particular client.

Understanding the significant stress caused by the potential for runaway litigation costs, we are often able to avoid the uncertainty of the billable hour by handling litigation and pre-litigation disputes on a flat-fee basis or under alternative billing arrangements.

Co-Counsel Service to out of State attorneys

The firm’s attorneys have been involved in cases throughout the State of Florida, several U.S. states, and in the Cayman Islands. The firm also regularly co-counsels cases and assists out of state attorneys with navigating the Florida court system.

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Forster Boughman & Lefkowitz

Our mission is to serve as a resource for complex domestic and international business transactions, tax, health law, data privacy, asset protection, and related litigation.

Our firm is an approachable and economic alternative to large national and international law firms.  Se habla español.


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