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Legal Alert: Senior Citizen Scams (August 2020)
A recently reported scam that the Florida Attorney General Office is warning about is a jury duty scam in which persons posing as law enforcement or judicial officers tell persons they have missed jury duty and must immediately pay a fine or face imprisonment or other penalties. The scammers in this case take advantage of anyone who may be confused about jury duty requirements, especially in light of the recent cancellations due to Covid-19 and these scammers prey on that confusion and seek to instill fear.

The truth of the matter is that many local courts are working on pilot programs to bring back jury trials these days but that any prospective jurors will be contacted via mail/summons and will be provided information on attending or seeking excuse from attending. Even if you should inadvertently miss jury duty, Seniors should know that law and judicial officers DO NOT enforce jury attendance by demanding fees or “fines”. If you have any questions about jury duty, attendance they should instead contact their local Clerk of Court (jury division) to inquire accordingly.

Check out Teresa's short video message. A few minutes could save you a world of grief.
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The Election, Your Money, and How to Protect Your Assets

Thursday, August 27th @ 12 Noon ET
No registration necessary for this (no cost) event.  Simply enter the Zoom Meeting slightly before the start time.
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Virtual Book Tour Kick-Off
This latest book publication from author and attorney Gary A. Forster explains how both resident and non-resident foreign nationals are impacted by the U.S. Estate and Gift Tax. Foreign professionals, investors and entrepreneurs (and their financial and legal advisors) will gain insight into such topics as the implications of foreign investment and immigration to the U.S.

Wednesday, August 19th @ 12 Noon ET
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Marijuana Business Law in Florida
National Business Institute - Program #86238

The legalization of marijuana for medical use has created multiple business opportunities, but it has also created many questions and uncertainties for health care professionals and their advisors, particularly due to the position of the federal government. Learn about obtaining a medical marijuana business license, regulatory, operational, and marketing restrictions, and the legal issues that advisors and medical professionals should be aware of before venturing into this field.

Tuesday, August 11th
@ 10:55 AM ET -- Marijuana Businesses Law in Florida
@ 12:45 PM ET -- Obtaining a Florida Cannabis Business License

Get more info about this program from the National Business Institute.
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