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The Intersection of Trust and Family Law
In this seminar, we will explore the intricate relationship between trust law and family law, focusing on how trust law can effectively address various family law issues such as dissolution, adoption, and prenuptial agreements. We will delve into the Florida Trust Code, examining the foundational principles of trust law, different types of trusts, and the fiduciary duties of trustees. The seminar will also cover the strategic use of trusts in divorce proceedings, adoption plans, guardianships, and prenuptial agreements. Attendees will learn the practical applications of trust law in family law contexts and common pitfalls to avoid, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of how these legal areas intersect to benefit their clients.

Wednesday, June 26th @ 12 Noon ET
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The State of Elder Abuse and Exploitation Law in Florida in 2024
In this seminar, we will review Florida’s criminal and civil laws related to elder abuse and exploitation, as well as look at newly enacted laws which are set to become effective this year. We explore what is considered abuse or exploitation, who has a duty to report and what the potential penalties are for offenders. We also discuss real life scenarios and trends in the enforcement of these laws.

Wednesday, May 22nd @ 12 Noon ET
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How to Avoid Exit Tax When Returning Home: The Resident Foreign National and Worldwide U.S. Income Tax
Resident foreign nationals face potential taxation upon permanent exit from the U.S. In this seminar, we explore the income tax consequences of expatriation by permanent residents (and U.S. citizens), and their assets. We discuss the nuances of the deemed sale rules, examining their evolution and implications. Attendees will learn effective strategies for reducing tax and ensuring compliance.

Thursday, May 16th @ 12 Noon ET
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Navigating Change: Understanding the FTC's Noncompete Rule
In this seminar, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the FTC's proposed final noncompete rule, its rationale, and its potential ramifications, enabling attendees to make informed decisions and navigate the evolving legal landscape that permeates many industries, including healthcare, technology, and other businesses. We explore the implications for workers, businesses, and innovation. From banning new noncompetes to the potential impacts on healthcare costs, new business formation, and innovation, this rule promises significant changes in the competitive landscape. We also will discuss alternatives for employers looking to protect proprietary information and relationships. Attendees will learn how this rule could shape the future of markets and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Wednesday, May 8th @ 12 Noon ET
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The Corporate Transparency Act & Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting
The Monthly Orlando Tax & Estate Planning Breakfast is an opportunity for CPAs, Tax Lawyers, and Trust Officers to stay informed about important legal matters. These events are invaluable for keeping up with changes in tax laws, learning about estate planning strategies, and networking with professionals in the field.

Thursday, May 2nd @ 7:30 AM ET
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Establishing a Medical Practice: Legal Foundations for Success
In this seminar, we guide healthcare professionals through the essential legal foundations for successfully launching their medical practice. Attendees will gain valuable insights into crucial steps, from licensing to understanding federal and state laws. We'll cover forming a legal entity, contractual agreements, insurance, and operational policies. We also discuss strategic considerations, such as managed care contracts and telemedicine integration.

Tuesday, April 16th @ 12 Noon ET
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Estate Tax Exclusion Transition: A Strategic Approach
In this seminar, we explore the massive reduction in the Estate Tax Exclusion, assessing risks and opportunities. Attendees will learn advanced planning techniques like QPRTs, GRATs, CRTs, SLATs, and IDGTs to maximize the full exclusion and adapt to changing legislation. Gain crucial insights and equip yourself with a concise yet comprehensive guide to sophisticated strategies.

Thursday, April 11th @ 12 Noon ET
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Dealing with Audit and Payment Disputes in Managed Care
In this seminar, we discuss the intricacies of navigating audit and payment disputes within managed care. We explore strategies for effectively preparing for and responding to audits initiated by payers, as well as techniques for disputing payment denials and recoupment demands.  Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the audit process, including best practices for documentation and compliance, as well as the legal considerations involved in challenging audit findings. Proactive measures to mitigate future audit risks and preserve the financial stability of healthcare providers will also be discussed.

Thursday, March 14th @ 12 Noon ET
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LeaseRx: Tailored Negotiation Tactics for Healthcare Providers
In this seminar, we present specialized negotiation strategies designed for physicians and healthcare providers in private practice, addressing challenges with landlords, sellers, and developers. Explore practical tips to optimize lease terms and purchase agreements within the healthcare industry. Attendees will learn actionable strategies for immediate application, providing a competitive edge in securing advantageous deals and fostering positive professional relationships crucial for success in healthcare negotiations.

Thursday, February 22nd @ 12 Noon ET
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2024 Asset Protection Update
In this seminar, we provide an asset protection update for 2024. We discuss considerations for entity and trust formation, choosing jurisdictions, choice of governing law and international expatriation and pre-immigration planning. Attendees will learn techniques for effectively structuring assets through LLCs, trusts, titling, and applicable exemptions, along with a practical discussion on new cases and prudent asset protection practices and misconceptions. The discussion also includes a comprehensive tax overview of the practice.

Thursday, January 25th @ 12 Noon ET
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