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Gary A. Forster

Gary A. Forster

Gary Forster is the managing partner and co-founder of ForsterBoughman.  His practice includes domestic and international corporate law, asset protection, tax, and estate planning. Gary handles a wide variety of corporate and personal planning matters.  Gary is the author of two books.  In 2013, he wrote Asset Protection for Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Investors, a guide to asset protection strategies for clients and their financial advisors, now in its second edition.  In 2020, he finished the second edition of The U.S. Estate and Gift Tax and the Non-Citizen, which explains how resident and non-resident foreign nationals are impacted by the U.S. Estate and Gift Tax.  Gary writes and lectures nationally to state bar and CPA groups on the topics of asset protection, international tax and corporate law.  He has also instructed classes at the University of Florida (Levin College of Law) and Rollins College (Crummer Graduate School of Business).  Gary’s articles can be found in such publications as the Florida Bar Journal and the American Bar Association’s Probate and Property Magazine.  Gary earned a B.A. from Tufts University, graduating cum laude with majors in Economics and Spanish Literature.  He received his J.D. from the University of Florida College of Law, graduating with honors.  Gary continued his studies as a graduate fellow at the University of Florida College of Law, Masters of Taxation program, earning an LL.M.  His education also includes studies at the University of Madrid, Oxford University and Leiden University in the Netherlands.  Gary is rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell and speaks Spanish fluently.
Tax & Tonic:  Practical advice for sophisticated CPAs
Tax & Tonic is a discussion group intended to inform CPAs of pertinent tax law changes and issues, with a focus on international corporate and estate tax matters.

Wednesday, May 24th @ 5 PM ET

Café Intermezzo
1065 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA  30309
Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPTs)
In this seminar, we discuss trusts designed to protect assets from creditors while allowing individuals to maintain some level of control over trust asset. We explain the various types of trusts, and the differences between them. We discuss the increasing popularity of DAPTs and provide an overview of the factors to consider when forming one. Lastly, we provide examples of notable cases related to DAPTs, and compare DAPTs with Foreign Asset Protection Trusts.

Friday, May 19th @ 2:45 PM ET
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International Tax Planning and Structuring for High-Net-Worth Individuals
In this seminar, we provide an overview of international tax and protective planning for high-net-worth individuals, including strategies for properly structuring and avoiding the expatriation tax and minimizing estate and gift tax obligations. Attendees will also learn about tax-efficient asset transfer strategies and offshore investment considerations.

Thursday, March 23th @ 12 Noon ET
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Article Written for:  TaxStringer, the NYSSCPA's (New York Society of Certified Public Accountants) 

The U.S. imposes an Expatriation Tax on U.S. citizens who abandon citizenship and on or long-term U.S. residents (non-citizens) who surrender their green card. The expatriation tax consists of the Exit Tax and the Inheritance Tax.  This article explains the Exit Tax.

Monday, 30 January 2023 00:00

Estate and Gift Tax Rules for Noncitizens

Article Written for:  the CPA Now, PICPA Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants 

Although CPA practices commonly handle federal estate and gift tax matters, very few CPAs counsel nonresident noncitizens exposed to these taxes. This blog provides an overview of the international side of U.S. estate and gift taxes.

Cryptos, Blockchains, and Taxation: A Primer for CPAs
In this seminar, we discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the context of federal taxation and financial accounting. Attendees will learn about the taxation and practical uses of borderless digital assets. Compliance with current U.S. regulations is also discussed.

OnDemand Course Offering
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Protective Structuring and Tax Planning:  Recent Court Decisions
In this seminar, we discuss how courts in different jurisdictions have recently interpreted both corporate and personal protective structuring.  Applicable domestic and international tax issues will also be discussed.

Wednesday, January 25th @ 12 Noon ET
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Article Written for:  the CPA Now, PICPA Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants 

Limited liability companies (LLCs) insulate owners from “inside” business liabilities, similar to corporations, but, unlike corporate stock, member equity held in a protective LLC generally may not be reached. Also, an “outside” creditor of an LLC member cannot acquire voting equity in a protective LLC, nor reach LLC assets. Claims on LLC interests are generally limited to a charging lien. These asset protection measures are just a few of the reasons LLCs have largely become the business entity of choice.

Thursday, 01 December 2022 13:13

Tax Reporting of Foreign Assets

Article Written for:  TaxStringer, the NYSSCPA's (New York Society of Certified Public Accountants) 

U.S. citizens and residents are subject to a number of IRS reporting requirements regarding assets held outside the U.S. Foreign situs assets and interests in offshore trusts significantly complicate tax reporting. Several such filing requirements are outlined below.

The Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on Corporate and Personal Planning
In this seminar, we present an overview of the new Act and its effect on domestic and international protective structuring. Discussion will include relevant tax avoidance opportunities and the most effective asset protection options. Pre-immigration and expatriation planning are also discussed.

December 16th @ 3:10 PM ET
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